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                                 Welcome Astral Hunters!

The map unfolded before us slowly ...
-This Eberron, now is your house.
His voice was as always calm and filled with an unknown inner strength. We were a little wary of such a sudden collection. In the twilight of his stately chambers lit candles and our shadows, thrown back to the gates of the mysterious, slightly trembling from their troubled light. He turned the page of the book and began reading aloud from there the ancient spell. Spellbound, we watched it, afraid to move. With the last word in its spell runes on the door of the gate glowed bright blue-green glow.
- I feel that somewhere  there,  my a silver thread. Damn Astral Pirates knew that without it I can't get out of my castle. I believe in your power to find it and then I can once again regain its strength!
He walked to the gates, filled the cup of sparkling dust and sprinkled it abruptly to the floor. The gates swung open, a sudden gust of wind blew out the candles. Only a dim light from the runes on the floor and walls slightly lit room. And then in the gates came a bright red whirlwind.
- Go on, I believe you are ready! Come and remember the other side, you are not bad and not good, not strong and not weak, you decide to accept the rules of those places or not, remember one thing,  together you are strength.
And  we went ...
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Sonicmedico, May 23, 10 7:44 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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